SecondmentDue to the rapid development of technology, maintenance of complex installations requires an increasingly deeper level of expertise. In order to stay abreast, professionals need to be constantly keeping up with the latest developments.

When you only need this level of expertise on a project-basis, it can be cheaper to pay for this knowledge as opposed to the continued expense of constantly keeping the knowledge inside your organization up to date.

The 3P Group has found a way to create value through secondment. Specific technical knowledge can be acquired as-needed and applied either in an ad-hoc or consistent fashion.

Secondment: Our vision for the future

Cost management is a priority for every enterprise and this will remain the case in the future.

The lack of true professionals in-house. A secondment agency, like the 3P Group, has an extensive network of professionals. This means you can quickly have access to the right person for the job.

Uncertainty, if there is enough work to go around for your employees, is another reason to acquire personnel in a project-based manner. This is another area where the 3P Group excels. We provide professionals.

We are a stable and reliable secondment agency within the petrochemical, oil and gas industries. We are active in the following areas:

Our employees are continuously being schooled, so that they are apprised of the latest developments. They can be deployed as valuable temporary assets and can also be a source of instruction for your own personnel.

We supply people on a project-base, as well as fixed.

It is our goal to find the right match, where both parties achieve the optimal result. Solid expertise and knowledge are paramount to us.

All our personnel meets quality standards.

3P Project Services meets all quality standards, including VCU, which is based on health, safety and environmental regulations for companies that provide services in explosion hazard environments.

3P Project Services is also ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our excellent relations with process companies, engineering bureaus and installation companies makes 3P the company of choice.

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