Procurement support services

Procurement support servicesContinuity, integrity and safety are keys to success in the process industry. Downtime due to incidents, failures or late deliveries of components by suppliers need to be minimized.

In order to ensure that materials you have ordered are of the quality you demand and not delivered late, you have them checked by an independent party. Ideally this would happen before they are shipped to the installation site.

Our experts inspect at a detailed engineering level and thus ascertain if the products are up to your standards. This can vary from the quality control of a specific part to an entire machine or process.

All parts, machines and processes need to live up to standards. This is the only way to ensure you have a safe and optimally functioning production process.

Vendor Inspection

Our experts look at the products on a detailed level to make sure they are up to code and the client’s standards. This can vary from the quality controlling of a (simple) part to an entire machine. Of the utmost importance is that the puzzle pieces all fit in the end, leading to an efficient, safe and optimally functioning production process. Remember, “prevention is better than cure”.

Our vendor inspectors have all been approved by Aramco, BP, ExxonMobil, Total and Shell. We also have certified coating inspectors (Nace/Frosio certified).

Pressure/Rotating Equipment

Of note is our large knowledge base and experience with pressure and rotating equipment. We know the legal requirements and what to look out for when using pressure/rotating equipment, to the smallest detail, especially in the preliminary stages. Also non-destructive (NDO) screening of pipes and equipment are available thanks to the multidisciplinary cooperation between our business partners.


Not only the quality, but also the production’s planning can be kept a close eye on. A properly executed expediting plan can prevent delays and in doing so save you lots of money. This mainly focusses on the progress and coordination of a completely new order to delivery of a completely new unit or installation, but also applicable to new parts for existing units or installations. This method could prevent delays during the restarting of process installations.

Procurement Support Services on Location

If the materials are already on-site, then an in-situ check can be done (before they are put into production). 3P, with her partners, can perform these checks all over the world.

Besides procurement support services, we can also advise you on the technical competence and continuity of your supplier.

Do you want security against premature malfunction?

For example due to materials that are not up to standards?

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