Electrotechnical inspection

Electrotechnical inspectorThere are three reasons it is important to perform an electrotechnical inspection:

  1. As an employer you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Not only is this a moral obligation, but a legal one too according to the Arbowet. This mandates that a company must be proactive in preventing risks such as fires, electrical hazards and other forms of damage and injury. This is why all companies must regularly inspect their electrotechnical
  2. Another reason for regular electrotechnical inspections is because insurers increasingly demand a NEN3140 inspection before they will take you on as a client. They want to be certain that you have done, and are doing, everything in your power to prevent damage that they may need to reimburse you for in the future.
  3. Finally, by pre-emptively fixing any issues in the installations, there will be fewer interruptions in service during operations. After an electrotechnical inspection you will be aware of how to improve the installations, so that you are fully in compliance with the safety standards.

NEN 3140 is an inspection for existing low-voltage installations. This Dutch amendment to the European NEN-EN 50110-1 guidelines calls for a minimal level of safety for low-voltage installations. NEN3140 consists of three parts:

  • Electrical installations need to be safe in their usage.
  • Power tools need to be safe in their usage.
  • Persons who work in and in proximity to the electrical installations need to be properly informed for their safety.

The regular inspection is performed according to an elaborate inspection plan, which inspects the installation visually as well as through measurements and testing. This inspection will be documented in a report which will contain any potential shortcomings of the installation. The owner of the installation will receive a clear report, which will prove to the labor inspection and insurance companies that the company is in compliance with the safety standards.

Electrotechnical inspection of a new facility

Every new facility must be in inspected to be in compliance with the NEN 1010 before it becomes operational. Each alteration and/or expansion of an existing facility must be checked to be in compliance with the current standards, and that the alteration and/or expansion does not negatively impact the current facility.

Most new facilities, and any changes and/or expansions, will be inspected by the installing agency. However in the interest of avoiding any conflicts of interest, the 3P Group can perform certification and inspections.

(The NEN 3840 applies for medium- and high-voltage installations)

The inspection proper

The inspection itself consists of a visual inspection and of an inspection done by sampling and testing.

This can be performed by at least one competent individual. This person needs to be qualified in electrical technology equivalent to LTS energietechniek and knowledgeable of NEN 3140, NEN 1010 and any supplemental standards that are relevant to performing an inspection.

The 3P Group employs certified inspectors. They perform these certifications and inspections according to the legal standards. Various combinations of inspections are possible.

Apply for a NEN Inspection?

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