Technische inspectie homepageThe productivity of your company is dependent on the optimal performance of your corporate installations. Every minimal failure of production systems costs money. Worst case scenario includes the cessation of operations.

This is unfortunately not a given. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Naturally you want to make sure this is properly handled since the benefits far outweigh the costs. But these costs need to be acceptable and if possible, with minimal interruption of the factory floor.

Maintenance for acceptable costs

The 3P Group is cognizant of the relation between costs and benefit of every installation in your company. That is why we approach maintenance in a strategic fashion, but in a way that is amenable to the day-to-day operations.

We inspect and report that status of the installation. This ensures objective decision-making, based on facts, not estimates.

Then we facilitate the execution, in observance of the law and regulations.

We determine the most effective date that next scheduled maintenance needs to be performed. Obviously we keep in mind the relation between costs and benefit. Your concerns are our concerns.

You can count on us for continuous maintenance as well as project-based maintenance.

Fewer costs, more benefits.

During the inspection of the installations, we purposefully look for improvements that can be made, reducing costs and improving benefits. More often than people realize there are improvements to be made that can reduce costs. Years of experience have given us an enormous amount of expertise we can build on and we can give you cost-effectiveness advice.

Paramount to support services is getting the right people in the right place. This improves the workflow. 3P Group excels in this. We have the right people for your project. Rapidly deployable and professionally qualified.

For maintenance get in touch with:

Kees van Oevelen

T: 0031882004300